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Best Selection of Nursery Plants in Tyler Area

                        is the toughest month in a gardening year. The weather is often chilly or rainy and not conducive to gardening, yet we yearn to be working the soil. It should be a time to relax but we feel as though we should be doing something constructive. A friend said she loved living where it snowed. You could enjoy resting because you had no choice.

New books arrive soon. Sit back and consider what you expect to accomplish this coming season. Check the pages of our website for what's just around the corner. We are excited to see another spring approach and with that our imaginations spark. It's never too early to get a design in mind for a new garden. 

Time flies and it will soon be time to plant vegetables and poppies. Plenty of herbs and vegetables are already growing in the greenhouses.

Winter Hours

Thursday through Sunday