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Best Selection of Nursery Plants in Tyler Area

              BLUE MOON GARDENS
Use your home grown fruits and vegetables from the garden to make great summertime meals. You don't need a lot of space to have fresh produce and herbs. Small quantities
​ can produce just enough for fresh eating while in season. Don't miss the opportunity to grow your own.

FOURTH OF JULY SALE  July  4 - July 6 

20% off 

Figs are a delicious fruit grown in the south. The plant grows into a small tree or large shrub with large tropical looking leaves. Shelter from north winds helps ensure winter hardiness. The mature fruits can be cooked into a delicious jam,  frozen, or dried to 

preserve for later. Try our delicious Fig Bar recipe.

Herb Garden

Citrus Lemon Zest

Fresh Produce

This hybrid is a cross between a cold hardy tangerine and a lemon with highly fragrant blooms. The edible round yellow fruit with pale yellow flesh has a true tart lemon flavor. Creamy white flowers bloom in spring against green foliage. This broad grower is wider than it is tall.