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Monthly Gardening Tips

Best Selection of Nursery Plants in Tyler Area


Scented geraniums are related to showy garden geraniums, but are prized more for their fragrant foliage than their flowers. Unlike their flowery cousins, scenteds thrive in full sun and hot weather and several repel flying insects. The leaves of different varieties display a range of shapes, sizes, colors and scents. The flowers are attractive, if small, and may be white, pink, red or lavender. 


 This is the month for the best selection of pots and plants to
fill them. Plant containers with summer-loving flowers and foliage for instant color. Think of your containers as mobile gardens and use them next to the front door, on a porch or patio, or to fill blank spots in your flowerbeds. Let us help you create a gorgeous container during our class Winning Color Combinations for Summer. Check our Workshop page
​ for information.   

Sweet alyssum is always popular for its heavenly fragrance and bright white flowers. But old fashioned sweet alyssum did not survive through the heat of a Texas summer. We were thrilled to find a new variety ‘Snow Princess’ with a lovely weeping habit that blooms continuously from late spring until the first freeze. One plant spreads to 24 inches wide, but only 6 inches tall. 
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