Best Selection of Nursery Plants in Tyler Area


While Lavender is not the easiest plant to grow in Texas, we never stop trying. A Mediterranean climate is best and sandy, well drained soils can provide the correct drainage for this plant.
Some of our favorite, evergreen varieties for East Texas are:
‚ÄčLavender 'Otto Quast'
‚ÄčThis Spanish lavender is very hardy,summer and winter. The attractive flowers occur in late spring and early summer.
Lavender 'Phenomenal'
A hybrid lavender with a lovely perfume fragrance and long wands of flowers in early summer.
Lavender 'Fat Spike'

A compact growing lavender sporting deep purple fragrant flowers.

Lavender 'Otto Quast'

Lavender 'Phenomenal'

Garlic Chives

Lavender 'Fat Spike'

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