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              BLUE MOON GARDENS
Tip: Hang a mirror on a wall or fence next to your sitting area to reflect the garden. It adds depth and light and makes the area look bigger. 

Look on our What's New page for ways to keep the bugs away. 

Add an outdoor rug, cheerful pillows in weatherproof fabric, a few plants and flowers, and presto, your porch is transformed into a comfortable, inviting space for relaxing and entertaining. 

Is your porch or patio unwelcoming? By next month the weather should be cooling off enough to enjoy sitting outside again. So take the time now to give your porch a makeover. All it takes is some splashes of color.


For brilliant color, even in the worst heat you can't beat bougainvillea. The secret to keeping them in bloom is to keep them on the dry side and fertilize on a regular basis. We use water soluble fertilizer (like Miracle Gro) every week. It works spectacularly!